A book about Data, Dating & Chocolates

This Blog is a way to build awareness before my Book gets published. IDataYou isn’t just a book. It’s a journey into my heart. Sailing the waves of my feelings and emotions, exploring my deepest thoughts as if you were experiencing it yourself. I never took writing lessons nor did I study journalism or literature. I do not believe writing should only be for those people. I finally have the strength to share my work. While writing this paragraph I can’t help it but get tears in my eyes as if I was finally realizing something. Freeing myself from judgment of any kind. Being myself, unifying with my creative soul at last. My cherished hidden side, the fruits of my soul searching. This book, this essay, this guide whatever you may call it, may shock a few, may affect others, may get negative criticism. I don’t care! I’m honest and transparent about everything & all the material I’ve gathered.. I will keep my identity unveiled for now but I can promise you I will be out there very soon after this is published.

I want to leave an impact in this world. Not financially nor for the wrong reasons, I just want to help others and feel I lived fully. The heart is a muscle in need for constant stimulation. I do not believe in norms or social standards, I LOVE freely.
A book about Data, Dating & Chocolates

And it begins …

I can’t believe I finally bought a domain name. It’s time I start sharing my writings, my insights and research on this blog. I want to thank a new friend who pushed me into it. He made me feel confident about my project. I’ve been interviewing people, hearing anecdotes, love stories, hookups, flings, coincidences, magical encounters … I have been blessed to meet incredible people who opened up to me. As a hyper emphatic, I have this ability to be able to really listen to what people are saying and feeling it. I feel love when people are in love, I feel pain when they are heartbroken. It’s a gift and a curse, getting very affected by it from time to time. I’ve learned to switch off this hyper empathy symptom lately, which allows better sharing of experiences even painful and shameful ones.

I’m not a writer, I don’t have a special prosaic style and I’m not seeking to impress you with wonderful sentences. I’m just a dreamer in search for true love and magic. I want to say I LOVE you again … I want to feel LOVE and be loved in return. I DATA you is my journey to understanding the mechanism of online dating. The psychology of digital, the influence of social media, the shift we are experiencing: is the digital world creating a fantasy?

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love”
― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez