Tinder in the dictionary: a premonition?

Today I went to a different yoga class at my usual studio. The class was a level-two-Flow; we started on our mats seated in Sukhasana. Up until then nothing felt wrong. I am usually very much into my own little world while practicing my daily yoga. Not wanting to get distracted by my surroundings. Although, for the first time in my seven years of practice, I couldn’t focus, my breathing got heavier and uneven, as the teacher started mentioning “Tinder” in her meditation script.

I mean honestly? I bet this app will be added to the English dictionary next year.

What could be the definition? “To swipe left or right with your index finger on your Smartphone’s screen in order to choose individuals – to meet them for intercourse, a relationship or who knows what .”

Definition of TINDER

noun tinder

  1. shopping for an individual.
  2. browsing through a database of men or women in your surroundings
  3. looking for sexual passion or desire: “you look hot!”
  4. longing for a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart : “Would you like to meet in person?”
  5. An ego booster: “I can still seduce others, how awesome I feel amazing!”

verb tinderize, tindering.

  1. to seek a virtual connection through superficial attraction.
  2. to get cramps in your hands for swiping for hours left or right.
  3. to have a strong liking in knowing every single person in your city
  4. to keep options open (in case your boyfriend is also on TINDER and leaves you for a hotter match)
  5. to dream of embracing and kissing (someone), as a lover in real life.
  6. to idealize an individual you will never meet in person

Verb phrases

  1. tinder up, I’ve overtinderized lately my index finger hurts badly


  1. The tinderization of human relations: without spontaneity or serendipity deprived.
  2. Tinder addiction: someone who swipes as he breathes
  3. Tinder sober: someone who meets people in a bar in real life.

We will see what happens in the near future …


Tinder in the dictionary: a premonition?

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