OkCupid’s best first date questions

Hello to all,


I’m sorry if I haven’t been posting everyday lately. As a matter of fact, I’m very busy putting together, writing, re-writing, proofreading, tearing apart, readjusting, overanalyzing, changing the material of my future book on love and digital. It’s tough when as a writer you can ONLY write in Moleskines (handwritten), what a waste of time! Anyway, I hope you are well and that you enjoyed your Valentines’ Day (if you celebrated it). Many of us find it an excuse to ask out someone they like and I hope you had the best of luck.

Speaking of which, this is a 2011 Article from okTrends (at OkCupid). It’s a bit witty and doesn’t teach us a whole lot but it’s always fun to read:

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source: http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-best-questions-for-first-dates/



Enjoy and remember to always stay yourself no matter what during a first date (that’s the most important in the end)


OkCupid’s best first date questions

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