The Book of Love

Remembering ONCE you were loved is beautiful.

Remembering ONCE you were loved and you loved in return is extraordinary.

love draw

These are memories living vividly in my brain and in my heart … Currently, I cannot grasp theses feelings, as I haven’t met someone whom I would fall in love with. I stronly believe after a few experiences and maturity, we KNOW.

I KNOW when there is a possibility I could fall in love with someone … Lately, each time I hold a slight chance, each time I encounter a man whom I’m attracted to energetically and physically, each time my heart starts beating for an individual (which is fairly rare), it just fades away.

Fades without even trying until we could reach a “.” or an “…” For the story to be a called a STORY there needs to be at least a paragraph. Currently, I’m only living the first sentence and it disappears, as if we were too shy or too busy to write a little bit more.

Maybe it’s just way more beautiful to read a powerful sentence. Maybe going straight to the point is easier and less confusing. Maybe we are too focused on not getting hurt, too egocentric to start sharing, too cold to create lovely metaphors, too obsessed to become poetic…maybe we are just not able to love anymore. Is it possible? Have we found the cure to Love ONCE and for all?

Erasing the past chapters isn’t the solution, reading a few of them from time to time can be very useful to write something even more inspiring. You need to focus on the essential as well as the small details to create a piece of art, true poetry in prose. You need to proofread along the way what the other is writing, you need to let go of your own style and manage to create a harmonious rhythm. You need to follow your heart and let yourself complete a sentence, even if it’s a short one, don’t be frightened about what will follow; maybe you will get a writer’s block, maybe you will continue writing short sentences and this will become your unique magnificent style.

You only need a pen and a piece of paper to start writing a sentence … you need two souls to complete a deep paragraph … you need two souls ready-to-love to imagine the chapters, describe the narrator, discuss the plot … and you need two souls in love to write a BOOK: THE BOOK OF LOVE.

The Book of Love

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